Cos d’Estournel

Wine Region : Bordeaux, France
Wines : Cos d'Estournel, Pagodes de Cos
Owner : Michel Reybier

Louis Gaspard d’Estournel inherited Cos and Pomys in 1791. Deeply convinced that the terroir of the hill of Cos was exceptional, he took many risks …

Dalla Valle Vineyards

Wine Region : Napa Valley, California
Wines : Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Owner : Naoko Dalla Valle / Andy Erickson

The Dalla Valle Vineyards produce one of the most popular wines from Napa Valley. In 1983, Gustav and Naoko Dalla Valle began planting vines on …

Domaine Laroche

Wine Region : Burgundy, France
Wines : Chablis
Owner : Laroche Family

Domaine Laroche tells the wonderful story of Chablis wines. Over centuries, the canons of the Obédiencerie have built a strong reputation for these wines thanks …

Domaines Schlumberger

Wine Region : Alsace, France
Wines : The Grand Crus, The Prince Abbs
Owner : Fam. Schlumberger / Alain Freyburger

Domaines Schlumberger is a winegrowers estate who exclusively harvest and produce their own wines. They do not buy any grapes nor juice or wine. Located …

Domaine Weinbach

Wine Region : Alsace, France
Wines : Schlossberg, Furstentum, Mambourg, Marckrain
Owner : Eddy Leiber-Faller

Au pied de la majestueuse colline du Schlossberg, dans un écrin de vignes et de roses, le Domaine Weinbach “ruisseau du vin”,du nom du petit …

Zuccardi Wines

Wine Region : Valle de Uco, Argentina
Wines : Malbec
Owner : Zuccardi Family

The Uco Valley, at the foot of the Andes in Mendoza, is the highest-elevation cultivated valley in the region. In this privileged location, our wines …

Domaine Jean-René Germanier

Wine Region : Valais, Switzerland
Wines : Amigne de Vétroz, Petite Arvine
Owner : JR Germanier, Gilles Besse

From the first harvest in Balavaud in 1896, Urbain Germanier was passionately devoted to his vineyard. Later, his three sons, Francis, Paul and Charles took …

The Rémy Martin House

Wine Region : Cognac, Charente
Wines : Rémy Martin Tercet
Owner : Baptiste Loiseau

In the year 1724 Rémy Martin, a young winegrower in Cognac, begins selling cognac under his own name. Fourteen years later, King Louis XV of …

Terres de Lavaux

Wine Region : Vaud, Switzerland
Wines : Lutry, Villette, Epesses
Owner : Jean-Michel Gosteli

Terres de Lavaux, a producer of exceptional wines grown in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux. From respecting Swiss wine traditions, tasting moments, maturing …

Quinta do Crasto

Wine Region : Douro and Porto
Wines : Marquis of Pombal, Reserva Vinhas Velhas
Owner : Leonor and Jorge Roquette

Quinta do Crasto is a Portuguese vineyard dedicated to Douro and Port wine production. Its headquarters is in Gouvinhas, in Northern Portugal. This is the …